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You know the drill - You're in bed with your partner, the mood is set, passion is rising, and when it comes to the action Johnny goes limp...

Is it nerves, stress, too much to drink, or are you just tired? Sometimes its difficult to rise to the occasion god only knows why!

Well you're not alone, and I'm happy to say that there is now a really effective solution which does what lubricant does for girls!
Instant Performer is a new gel which you rub on your manhood, to give you a rock hard erection in minutes! Just imagine the look on her face after slapping on some Instant Performer!

With Instant Performer you can:

  • Enjoy Bigger, Thicker And Harder erections in just 40 seconds
  • Increase Your Sex Drive And Super Hero Stamina
  • Double Strength Orgasms
  • Experience Longer Lasting Erections

Unlike dangerous pills like the blue pill, Instant Performer is 100% natural, SAFE and works within minutes.
Other pills have to be digested in order for the active ingredients to reach you which could mean waiting hours for that rock hard boner!

Instant Performer Is Bedroom Insurance

We all take insurance, for our homes, travels, car etc. We don't use it, but its there if we need it...

Well, Instant Performer works in the same way - Should you lose your Mojo, slap it on and 40 seconds later you are back in the game - With a bigger, stronger, and longer lasting erection than you can imagine.

Remember, Instant Performer Is:

  • Effective and uses clinically proven ingredients
  • 100% Natural
  • Safe (Use as frequently as you want)
  • Always be ready for action!
  • Super charge your sex life

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